Perth Racecourse  28th- 31st August


Registration covers on site camping or crash marquee. For offsite accommodation options check the website.

Circle options

Real  Name:


Male                  Female

Hash Name:





Child  5-15           Y   /   N

Phone No.


Emergency Contact Name.

Emergency Contact Number.

GM or Rep.          Y   /   N

First Aider            Y   /   N

Run Length.

       Short    Medium    Long     Ball Breaker      Stroll

T-shirt size.

                               S        M        L       XL       XXL


 Real Ale    Fizzy UK Style Lager            Pilsner/Lager      


             Omnivore        Vegetarian

 Cider        White Wine       Red Wine     Soft Drinks

Prices and How to Pay

Children under 5 No charge and no registration required. Children 5-17  £60. Strictly no alcohol served to under 18’s who should in general not be in the bar/marquee area after the evening meal.


Before 31/12/08

Before 31/05/09

Before 31/07/09







Mail one registration form for each adult (or child 5-17) plus a sterling personal cheque, banker’s draft or postal order payable to “NH2009” to the following address.


      NH2009, c/o Bill Menzies, 30 Carberry Road, Inveresk, Musselburgh, East Lothian EH21 8PR, Scotland

You will receive confirmation of registration by e-mail and on the website.


If it is not possible for you to make your payment by the above means, please e-mail the address below and we will solve the problem for you. Likewise, if you have any queries about payment or any other aspect of the event, please e-mail the address below and we will do our best to help.

Liability  Waiver

I accept that due to the nature of the Nash Hash 2009 event there may be personal risks to myself and my belongings during my attendance at the event. In particular, I may possibly be injured, insulted or suffer loss or damage to my personal belongings. Unless my personal injuries are caused by the negligence of the Nash Hash 2009 organising committee, my signature below confirms that whatever damage or loss I may incur during the Nash Hash 2009 event, I waive all and any rights of compensation or redress that I may have against any member of Edinburgh or TNT Hash House Harriers and any other organiser of this event.


Signed…………………………………………..                                            Dated……………………

Admin Use Only                                                  Date received                                                          Reg. No.