15th UK Nash Hash


Reduced Price Registration Transfers available - please contact the following :-


Mrs Myf     myfanwy.taylor@btinternet.com
Sgt Bilko       melville.petrie@ukasia.org.uk
Old Legover & Mrs Doubtfire charliebridgman@hotmail.com

You can register for Nash Hash 2009 at Perth Racecourse on arrival. The price will remain at £150 but please note that payment will be by cash only. We do not have a credit card facility and we are cynical enough to believe that if you are not well enough organised to register in advance, you may also not be well enough organised to have a positive balance in your cheque account.

Click the above link for the registration form

Current Registration Price is £150

Registration price will remain at £150 until the start of the weekend. Those registering in the first 3 weeks of August should be fully covered for the whole Nash Hash Weekend package. If you register at the last minute or show up on the day, there are no guarantees - certainly regarding T-Shirts.




Once you have registered, no refunds are possible as we Scots have a reputation to maintain. To get your money back it is up to you to sell on your registration to a substitute hasher.
1. The substitute should complete a registration form and send it to the address on the form.
2. Do not include a cheque. Write " Transfer of Rego. No. xxx " in the space beside "Prices & How to Pay"
3. On the back of the form, the originally registered hasher should write :-
          " I hashname A hereby transfer NH2009 Registration No. xxx to hashname B.
                                         Signature of Originally Registered Hasher
This signature is essential to confirm the legitimacy of the transfer.
The new registration will be confirmed by email to both parties and in "Who's Coming?" on the website. If transfers are made too close to the event, we cannot guarantee correct T-shirt size etc.


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