15th UK Nash Hash


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Some time ago, I spoke to Monsoon Drain and made the comment that the UK is the best hash event in the world bar none. He agreed, but added that the responsibility of maintaining the standard was daunting

Fear not Bill, a great Scottish team ensured that the reputation was not tarnished and the tradition has been honoured and upheld. The UK Nash Hash is still the best Hash event in the world and the bench mark has just moved up a notch..

Commercial Whale

North Hants H3.

Hi All
What a weekend!. Well done and thank you all for organising a tremendous weekend. I enjoyed every moment.
Please pass on my thanks to all the other committee members and those involved.
On On

Hi Bill,
A big “thank you” to you and the team – we had a great time.
Also a big thanks to all you other hares especially run No.2 hares, had a great Saturday hash…………
On On to 2011.
Little Shit and Sharnie

Well done to all, you did a fab job
Ring Peace & Nurse(Butts Stitcher)xxxxx

Just wanted to say what a great weekend that was !
I know there were probably some F__k ups along the way, but I don't think anything stopped the majority of people from having a great time. You boys and respective teams delivered and can now take a well earned rest.
Hoggy, your circles were tremendous.
I trust we'll all be at the Hash tomorrow ?
Hopefully see you then
Love Maria X
PS Double "O" is welcome to have her spot back anytime !!

Not to mention having a great weekend
On On
Hi Bill,
Not spoken to any of the others from SH3 but I'm sure they will join
me in saying job well done - and how you managed to keep the weather
on board (still have memories of the wet-fest that was Glasgow) was
Pass on my best wishes to earl Wakefield as well (.....or maybe not....)
On on to Bournemouth,

Thanks for a great weekend. Most enjoyable and you and the team did a fantastic job - particularly with the weather. Thanks to you all
All from Newcastle survived without too much pain.
I hope you can now relax and enjoy what is left of the "summer" -
Thanks again
GM Newcastle

What a weekend!. Well done and thank you all for organising a tremendous weekend. I enjoyed every moment.

Please pass on my thanks to all the other committee members and those involved.

On On


Back here in Canada and smiling at the memories.

That was a great event and Greg if you can please pass on my congratulations and thanks to those involved I would be grateful.

Fun, friendship, runs with scenery and shiggy and decent beer to follow. The organization was excellent, please feel free to do it again.

We did have a ball. On On Flyer

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Mismanagement for a fabulous Nash Hash 2009. Keeping 700 or so mad hashers entertained for four days and nights is no easy task, but you did it and in style too. I enjoyed every moment from start to finish.

I think you can safely say the event was a huge success and take a well earned pat on the pack.

Well done!

On on


Hi Bill/Anne
Hopefully you are now on route back to Edinburgh after an epic weekend.
Can you please thank all the Committee for a fantastic weekend and organisation. We were very impressed with it all and we know how much hard work goes into this.
Our trip home via Troon was to say the least wet and a bit of a bumpy crossing but we are now truly back in work mode.
We will be back at Christmas so hope to see you then
Jack and Paul (JFP & Hot T's)

Hi Monsoon Drain,
Just a wee note to thank you and the rest of the committee for an absolutely fabulous Nash Hash!
I had a real ball 
The venue was brilliant, and I thought everything worked very well. Shame it was a bit wet, but if the number of RAs there couldn’t ensure dryness for the whole weekend, no one would have been able to!
Hope you all have some time to recover now – you certainly deserve a rest!
On on,
Wet Wipe x

Thanks for a fab weekend it was thoroughly enjoyable and very well organised a credit to you all.
On on to WESSEX NH 2011
Firstly many thanks for a great weekend, and all the hard work put in by the committee and others to make it such a success. Noting you are still busy with the aftermath !
Many thanks
Mrs Mullet

Hi there Bill
I hope you have recovered from the weekend.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the other people involved for an absolutely brilliant weekend. Everything from the food, to the facilities, the runs, the drinks!! It was all so well organised and such a wonderful weekend.
This was my first Nash Hash, but I'll be signing up asap for the next one.
Thanks again
Spell Checker

Hi Monsoon Drain and your Nash Hash committee,

Congratulations on a truly great and memorable Nash Hash in the beautiful
Perthshire countryside. Great organisation, great entertainment, great
runs - even the weather was great on the most important days, Saturday and
Sunday. Highlights for us had to be the Hash runs, even if we did upset the
Earl of Mansfield! Run nr 6 around the River Braan with its gorge &
spectacular water fall was superb, the Bras run was a lot of fun and nr 14 gave us a brilliant tour of
Royal & Ancient St Andrews and the surrounding area.
They say it's the little things that make an event and the sight of
Olymprick frantically trying to block buses returning from the runs (for reasons known only to him!) was
priceless - pity our driver braked too soon!
On On to Bournemouth
Past Master (aka PMW) & Walls-Ice, both C2H3

Hi MD,
Thank you to you all for a wonderful time at Perth.
Tell all that we thought the organisation was outstanding and we enjoyed every moment.
Have some great photos and I think we taught some scots how to fly the aussie flag the right way up.
Thanks to Shirley Valentine for a great day out and hoggy?? for a wonderful run at St Andrews.
Be sure to let your fellow scots know there is a bed in our beautiful Bunbury, if any of you should venture forth

Thanks for your last email, must be a bit of a load off your mind now.
On behalf of the Elgin hashers at NH09 I’d like to say what a crackin’ time we all had.
I’m glad visitors appreciated the trails, obviously I was apprehensive about our trail but it went better than I had hoped and I was quite relieved at the circle as Ring Peace took over.

Hash Flash our GM took quite a few photos, is there a communal page for displaying the images?
All the best,
Spotty Dog.

Dear Monsoondrain and the rest of the NH09 committee

Just to say a big big thank you from the 5 Guernsey Harriettes erm I mean Mag Orbs. We had a brill time,
awkward at times but really good fun. don't think that will be our last appearance at Nash Hash now!!!

Hope to see you and Rugrat sometime soon - at the next Mag Orb convention although we are talking about
the Bra's do again next year, depends how funds go.


Legover aka Hammocks
Studley aka Lumps
Big Bird aka Two Backs
Supergrass aka Implants
Pure Genius aka Double D

Having hashed for 19 years we finally took the plunge. Had a wonderful weekend. Well done to everyone who organised it all.

Mary and Allen Alderton [pistonbrokeandgazza@gmail.com]

Please pass on our thanks to Monsoon Drain and the committee for Nash Hash 2009, for organising a great weekend.
All of us from Wirral and Chester H3 enjoyed the event and send thanks to all the Scottish hashers who made us so welcome and set some good runs. You even got the weather (nearly!) right!

On on the the next one!

Cheers and thanks again

OTT and Hansel

Hi Monsoon Drain
Just about recovered from Nash Hash and able to speak again!
I congratulate you and all your assistants and helpers for putting on a stunning Nash Hash. I think it was one of the best we've ever had. Wessex are certainly going to have to pull the stops out to even equal it.
There are a couple of people that I think deserve special mention (other than yourself of course) - Hoggy (for doing everything and being everywhere) and Hughee Blaaargh (because I know from personal experience exactly what his bloody job entailed).
On On to 2011

Dear Monsoon,
Many thanks to yourself and the Mismanagement on a superbly organised weekend. Perth is added to Towcester as the standards to aim for from now on.
Besides everything else, how did you manage to arrange the weather? Just right for hashing.
Also, I don't know if it's possible to pass it on, but many thanks to Perth Race Course Amanda for lifts back to the Sky Hotel late at night. We stupidly booked into the Sky Hotel without having a car so had to get to the Race Course by walking all the way (twice), buses or taxis. Thanks to Amanda (and a couple of others, including a complete civilian passer by), we at least got back to the hotel with a minimum of bother. Can't you get her to become a hasher?
That's all, except for asking is there anywhere to look for photos?
Many, many thanks again,
Les (Lone Ranger) and Mary (QC) Edwards, EGH3.

Hi MD,
I don't know where to start but just to thankyou for a great Nash Hash.
You and the comittee pulled out all the stops and gave the Hash world another great event. A special thanks to all the guys behind the scene who worked so hard.
Well done HHHashers
Lub you all lots
On On to Wessex H3
Cum Dancing
Milton Keynes H3

Thanks again for a great weekend! The runs were good, especially along the beach; loved the vegetarian haggis and neeps and tatties; and the weather was wonderful - so much better than you are having this week, so very well done to all of you.
On on.

hi moonsoon great hash possible the best ever all concerned did a fantastic job. can give any info where we could get some photos did you have official hash flash/?? hpoe you can help . soon be bournemouth on on and bloody on waldorf stannary h3





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